This is a platform that connects investors and entrepreneurs who drive social change. Our web application incorporates a framework, called Impactraction, which measures the social impact of your projects and helps you connect with potential investors.

Impactraction acts as a mentor who unlocks someone’s entrepreneurial and impact potential; a facilitator who finds common objectives among investors and entrepreneurs; an innovator who wants to create an impact in the community; and a communicator who conveys ideas clearly and simply.

What We Do

We help people who are making societal changes through innovation. We give enterprises the opportunity to grow their concepts into drivers of change that benefits society and the environment.

Embrace and drive change

Pursue growth and learning

Passionate and determined

Build relationships

Keep an open mind

Our Team

We bring a wealth of experience from social enterprise, start-ups, organizations, and non-profit sectors.
Meet our team who set our goals direction, goals and strategies.

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Founder and CEO

Dedicated over a decade in leading impact evaluation and change- initiatives, both domestically and internationally, supporting social innovations.

Our Supporters